One Act Schedule

Below is the schedule for the one act competition. We should plan on leaving McIntosh at 7:45 to ensure that we arrive on time for the first performance.


9:00        Show 1                 Ola

10:15     Show 2                  Union Grove

11:30     Show 3                  Northgate

12:45     Show 4                  Luella

1:40-2:30 Lunch Break NO ONE ALLOWED ON STAGE

2:30pm Directors 5-8 *Walk-through on stage (10 mins)

2:45        Show 5 **set-up begins

3:00        Show 5                 Woodland

4:15        Show 6                 McIntosh

5:30        Show 7                 Stockbridge

6:45        Show 8                 Dutchtown

This Thursday and Saturday!

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind is this Thursday and Saturday at 7pm. To reserve tickets, email This show will be unlike anything you have seen on stage before. Plus, $2 of every ticket sold goes to Promise Place, where domestic violence ends.Too Much Light Poster

A Note About the Title and more about the play

The proper title for our play is 50 Neo-Futurists Plays from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (30 Plays in 60 Minutes). We should have used this title from the beginning. Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind is the name of the show that is done by the Neo-Futurists in Chicago, and title 50 Neo-Futurist Plays… is used to distinguish performances such as ours from the Chicago and touring shows.

The Neo-Futurists started performing Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind in 1988 and the show has been running every weekend since then. To keep the show fresh, they add 2-12 new plays each week. They have done close to 10,000 plays to date. There are also Neo-Futurists shows in New York and San Francisco.

Each show is more than a collection of plays performed in a random order. We will try to replicate the Neo-Futurist experience as best we can. There are some things, such as the ticket price being “$9 plus $1 times the roll of a singe six-sided die” that we can’t do, but there will be some surprises at our show that come from the Neo-Futurist experience.

Too Much Light

50 Neo-Futurist Plays from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (30 Plays in 60 Minutes) will be October 1 &3 at 7pm. To reserve tickets, please email Tickets at $5 for students and $8 for adults. You will not want to miss it!

For some sneak peeks at our upcoming show, please go to our facebook page.

Parent Meeting

There will be a parent meeting for the one act at 6pm on September 3. If your child is in the cast, or you would like to help out in any way (advertising, ticket sales, fundraising) please make plans to attend. My hope is to make this the biggest one act yet, but we will need all the help we can get!

The One Act Cast is…

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! I will have written feedback for everyone on Monday. If you were not cast, please audition for Spamalot (September 12) and the spring musical.

The Cast:

Claire Clem

Connor Claw

Crispy Fried

Cristina Tomato Sauce (Ha! Get it?)

Gregor in das Haus

Jacob Meow!

Jessica No-relation-to-that-Roid-Cheater-Alex (Yankees stink!)

Josh Susses it out

Kat EL Guapo

Knenzie Kndskn

Kyle Pied Piper

Madeline Hardcore Hervs

MiKeila Mc?

Richard Cool in da House

Wylie Coyote

The crew is:

Stage Manager: Rophie Sogg

Tech Goddess: Audrey Sea Gin (Get it? Wow, I am so clever!)


Jorie OMG! Would you please stop talking!

Julian Super Soaker

Mykala No-not-that-Mikeila-Mykala

Cast, please send me a confirmation email from whatever email you use the most. See me Thursday afternoon for a script. Starting Friday, I will email some people letting you know what scenes I’d like you to try. If there is a scene you would like to be in, please email by Sunday afternoon.

You should plan on being at every rehearsal this coming week (unless you have conflicts that you put on the sheet). Please see me if you have any questions.

The One Act Play is…

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind – 30 plays in 60 minutes. Please see the Too Much Light page for more information, including a sample from the script,  and come see me if you have any questions.

Auditions are August 17, 18 and 19. There is a sign-up sheet on the drama room door. You should prepare a comedic monologue. If you plan on auditioning and were not at the auditioning workshop, please read the following: Auditioning dos and dontsAudition Tips

Performances are October 1 and 3. The Regional competition is October 17.


One Act Auditions

Auditions for the one act will be on August 17, 18 and 19, after school. There will be a sign-up sheet on the drama room door.

There will also be an auditioning workshop on August 11, from 4 to 5:30.

I will know by Monday, August 10 what the one act will be. It may be a drama, it may be a comedy, so I can’t tell you yet what kind of a monologue to start working on.