One Act Casts

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! There were some difficult decisions to make. If you did not get cast, please keep in mind that it was not a question of you talent – it was more a question of whether I thought you were the best person for a role. Rehearsals for both plays will start on Monday!

Women of Lockerbie

Madeline: Claire H

Bill: Jacob

Olive: Kenzie

Hattie: Wylie

George: Josh

Chorus: Claire A & Sydney

Understudy: Hannah D


Check Please (cast members – please come by the room to get a script)

Girl – Hannah E
Guy – Julian

Louis – Jack

Melanie – Emma
Ken – Iain
Mary – Emily T
Mark – Iain
Pearl – Katt R
Tod – Clay
Sophie – Jocelyn
Brandon – Clay
Linda – Lydia
Manny – Jack
Mimi – Ava (one day we’ll hear you speak on stage, Ava!)


Drama Student of the Week

We are starting a new Drama Student of the Week program. Any student involved in the program – whether taking a drama class, a Thespian member, or involved in any of our productions – may be nominated by a fellow student or a parent volunteer. To nominate someone, please fill out one of the forms in the drama room or send me an email by 4:00 pm each Monday. The winner will be announced by Wednesday of each week, and will receive a gift certificate for a free meal at Chick-fil-A.

The criteria is up to the nominator. Maybe the nominee had a great performance or took a big risk in class, or was kind to someone else, or went beyond what was expected, or is just a great and supportive person.

One Act PlayS

There will be TWO one act plays this year! There will be the competition one act, Women of Lockerbie, and another one act (TBD) directed by senior Kat Elliott. Both will be performed on October 13 & 15.

Auditions for both will be Tuesday and Wednesday, August 16 & 17, with callbacks on Thursday, August 18. You should prepare a 1 minute dramatic monologue.

For more information and the scripts, please go to the One Act Plays page.

Read-through Tuesday, July 19 at 4pm

Let’s read the 4th Graders Present. Depending on how many people can make it, we may switch characters halfway through, so everyone can get a chance to read. When reading it, pay attention to the line breaks – the playwright is doing some of the work for you by breaking up each line into one thought.

One of the reasons I like 4th Graders is because we could make it into more than just a performance by having a speaker address suicide in teenagers. In 2014, suicide was the second leading cause of death among 10-14 year olds and 15-24 year olds. As well as a powerful performance, we could help to bring awareness to an important issue.

I haven’t decided anything yet, but this is my favorite so far.

Random notes

I cleaned out my notepad today. Here are some of the random notes scattered on the pages. Please don’t ask me what any of them mean.

How can the sock monkey be stopped?

Tris gets trapped in the house

Zombie Babies

Killer Clams

Bad Burritos

Story story die

Who are these people?

Lit w/lettuce

Over-reacting parrot

Denversaurus Rex

Claire at jail

Wylie’s sock

Why does she have antlers?

The mom raising the cantaloupe

You got a brother?

Read-through this Thursday

It’s time for a read-through! How about this Thursday at 3pm? The play is Hannah and Martin and it deals with the relationship between a Jewish philosophy professor and her mentor who collaborated with the Nazi government during WW II. It is based on real people and events. One thing I like about it is that it has a strong, intelligent woman at its center. As written, it is for 4w, 4m, but it could be done with 5w, 3m (and maybe more if we didn’t double some of the small roles).

This is just one possibility for the one act. I’m still considering 4th Graders Present, Antigone Now (an updating of the Antigone story), and I still have more scripts to read.

Also, the stage floor is being re-done (no word on if they’ll paint it black) and we need to clear some of the platforms off.


The musical for next year (Feb 2-4) will be Cinderella. We’ll be doing the “Enchanted Version” which has six female leads. If I get the material in soon enough, we will do a read-through over the summer.

Second Samuel Cast

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! We will have a read-through on Monday.

Frisky Jacob

Mansel Denver

Mr. Mozel Richard

Doc Jessie

June Julian

B Flat Christina

US Jamilla

Omaha Cristina

Jimmy Deeanne Claire

Ruby Zoe

Marcela Lota

Mary Sue Tynan

Loo-Ray Mykala

Narrators Gregor, Katt, Marguerite, Wylie

Patron at the Beauty Parlor/Understudy: Kaitlyn

Patron at the Bar/Understudy: Perry