The musical for next year (Feb 2-4) will be Cinderella. We’ll be doing the “Enchanted Version” which has six female leads. If I get the material in soon enough, we will do a read-through over the summer.

Second Samuel Cast

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! We will have a read-through on Monday.

Frisky Jacob

Mansel Denver

Mr. Mozel Richard

Doc Jessie

June Julian

B Flat Christina

US Jamilla

Omaha Cristina

Jimmy Deeanne Claire

Ruby Zoe

Marcela Lota

Mary Sue Tynan

Loo-Ray Mykala

Narrators Gregor, Katt, Marguerite, Wylie

Patron at the Beauty Parlor/Understudy: Kaitlyn

Patron at the Bar/Understudy: Perry

Costume items

Please make certain you have the following items for Monday.
-Black yoga pants (not leggings)
-Black Jazz shoes
-Black booty shorts
-White tank/cami
-Robby-white undershirt
Laker Girls:
-Black leotard or cami
-Black character shoes
-Nude tights or pantyhose
-Black booty shorts
-Cristina-black pants
We also need:
-Fishnet tights
-Boots for knights
Bright Side of Life: Laker Girls and Dancers are already finished, and lead knights wear their knight costume, but everyone else needs:
-White long sleeve button down shirt with a collar
-Black dress pants or yoga pants if your shirt is long enough to cover
-Everyone in Finland song needs a pair of knee high socks.  The can be crazy colors.  Boys and girls!
-Black shoes (girls character if you have them)

Spamalot Rehearsal Schedule

The new schedule is posted on the Spamalot page. Please let Jacob know if there is a rehearsal you cannot attend. Show Week starts 2/13 – no one – cast or crew – is allowed to miss any of the rehearsals starting on the 13th. Please make certain you schedule is free!

Understudies for Spamalot

Understudies – you should plan on being at all rehearsals for your character, so you can learn the songs and the blocking.

Arthur: Josh

Lady of the Lake: Claire H

Robin: Wylie

Lancelot: Clay

Galahad: Gregor

Patsy: Claire A

Minstrel: Ava