We are staying at the Best Western at 3443 Macon Road. Their # is 706.568.3300. Please email me if you’d like my number.

We will leave around 9 am on Thursday and arrive back around 6:00 pm on Saturday.

Spamalot Rehearsal Schedule

The new schedule is posted on the Spamalot page. Please let Jacob know if there is a rehearsal you cannot attend. Show Week starts 2/13 – no one – cast or crew – is allowed to miss any of the rehearsals starting on the 13th. Please make certain you schedule is free!

Understudies for Spamalot

Understudies – you should plan on being at all rehearsals for your character, so you can learn the songs and the blocking.

Arthur: Josh

Lady of the Lake: Claire H

Robin: Wylie

Lancelot: Clay

Galahad: Gregor

Patsy: Claire A

Minstrel: Ava

2nd Place!

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind won second place at the regional competition, with Cristina M and Connor L being named to the All Star Cast. I am especially proud of the cast getting perfect scores from all three judges in the ensemble category.


Students – a down-payment of $125 is due by October 30. This will cover the cost of registration only. The rest of the money ($100 – $150 depending on the cost of the hotel and bus) will be due in January. Please see me if you have any questions.

$1400 for Promise Place

A huge thank you to everyone who came to see Too Much Light! Through tickets sales and donations, we raised $1400 for Promise Place.

Next up, regional competition this Saturday at the Henry County Performing Arts Center. We are scheduled to perform at 4:15 (see the previous post).

One Act Schedule

Below is the schedule for the one act competition. We should plan on leaving McIntosh at 7:45 to ensure that we arrive on time for the first performance.


9:00        Show 1                 Ola

10:15     Show 2                  Union Grove

11:30     Show 3                  Northgate

12:45     Show 4                  Luella

1:40-2:30 Lunch Break NO ONE ALLOWED ON STAGE

2:30pm Directors 5-8 *Walk-through on stage (10 mins)

2:45        Show 5 **set-up begins

3:00        Show 5                 Woodland

4:15        Show 6                 McIntosh

5:30        Show 7                 Stockbridge

6:45        Show 8                 Dutchtown