Auditioning for the One Act Play

The competition one act play this year will be The Spirit of Life. The play is based on interviews of survivors of the Holocaust.

Auditions will be August 14 and 15, with callbacks (if necessary) on the 16. If you would like to audition, you should choose on of the monologues in this doc to memorize (you will need to be logged into your fcboe account in order to access it). The doc includes a link to the full play as well. Auditions are open to all students at McIntosh, but you must be academically eligible. The regional competition is a GHSA event, so the rules for being on a sports team apply to us as well.

For auditions, you will choose a one-hour time slot to attend: 4-5 or 5-6 on either the 14th or 15th. During that hour, you will perform your memorized monologue in front of me, some of the tech crew, and the other students auditioning at the time. I may ask students to perform short scenes from the play (you will have a script for this) and there will be some movement exercises we will do together. There is a sign up sheet on the door to the drama room to reserve your audition time. By Monday. August 7th, there will be two google forms posted that will need to be filled out – one for students and one for their parents. Among other things, these forms will include the rehearsal expectations and schedule.

Parents: please fill out this form before your child auditions.

The performances will be October 12 &14 at McIntosh. Our first competition is October 21, and the Regional one act competition is October 28. If we are lucky enough to move on to State, that will be November 11.

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