The Cast of Urinetown is…

The Poor

Bobby             Iain

Penny              Emma

Little Sally      Morgan

Hot- Blades Harry      Clay

Little Becky Two-Shoes         Lydia

Josephine         Anna

Old Man Strong          Josh

Tiny Tom         Wylie

Soupy Sue       Jawahir

Bobby the Stockfish   Jack

Ensemble: Braylinn, Katherine, Lauren, Leonora, Zakai, Sully, Natalie, Courtney, Tynan, Jayna



Lockstock       Perry

Barrel              Sydney

Ensemble: Eddie, Jaelyn, Erin, Kalani, Kaitlyn


The Rich

Cladwell          Ryan

Hope               Diana

McQueen        Ava

Senator Fipp    Colton

Mrs. Millenium            Lee

Dr. Billeaux     Will

Ensemble: Ann-Charlotte, LJ

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