Musical Auditions!

Auditions are October 28, 29 and 30 after school. You will sign up for a 1 hour long time slot – 4-5 or 5-6, on one of the days. There is a sign-up sheet on the drama room door or you can email Mr. Buswell to request a time.
For the audition, you should choose one of the songs below. You will sing along with the backing track at the audition. You will also be asked to read a short section of a scene.

My Friend, The Dictionary – beginning to 1:30

I Speak Six Languages – beginning to 1:18
I’m Not That Smart -beginning to 1:40
Magic Foot – beginning to 1:35
The Prayer of the Comfort Counselor 0:48 – 2:10


Thank you to everyone who auditioned! I have sent emails out to the cast. If you have not received one yet, you have not been cast. If you would like feedback on your audition, please see me or email me next week (Claire and I need some time to get our notes together).

Mary Poppins!

Come see the classic story of a nanny with an attitude and the family that needs her. Performances are January 30 and 31 at 7pm and February 1 at 2pm and 7pm. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for adults. Tickets can be purchased during lunch, at the front desk, or at the door. You can also reserve tickets by emailing – please state the date and time and the number of adult and student tickets.

Poppins Poster


Bellwether to State!

Bellwether placed first at the regional competition is will perform at the state competition this Saturday. Jack C won Best Actor, Lydia C won Best Actress, Allie C won Best Makeup, and Natalie C and Meg G were named to the All Star Cast.

Below are a few pictures from our final dress rehearsal, courtesy of Natalie P, mother of our Stage Manager.

Mary Poppins Roles

There are still 12 named roles that we will choose after a few rehearsals. Some of the people below will also appear as ensemble members in other scenes.

Mary Poppins: Lydia

Bert: Stanley

George Banks: Jack Ch

Winifred Banks: Emily Grace

Jane Banks: Allie

Michael Banks: Meg

Katie Nanna: Izzy

Mrs. Brill: Karena

Robertson Ay: Sully

Neleus: AJ

Bank Chairman: Josh

Von Hussler: Rafe

Northbrook: Brady

Bird Woman: Cassidy

Mrs. Corry: Deeya

Miss Andrew: Charlotte

Mary Poppins Cast List

This is a list of the people we would like to be in the show. We have callbacks for a few people on Tuesdays (they have been contacted) as well as a few other people to audition. We hope to have the roles posted on Tuesday evening. Our first rehearsal is Saturday, September 21 from 10-5pm. It will focus mainly on choreography.

  • Aiden Ch
  • AJ Ch
  • Alex BC
  • Allie C
  • Andee N
  • Ann Charlotte L
  • Avery R
  • Brady S
  • Brianna N
  • Cassidy W
  • Charlotte W
  • Chisom U
  • Courtney T
  • Deeya K
  • Eliz W
  • Ella N
  • Emily Grace C
  • Isabel F
  • Izzy P
  • Jack H
  • Jessica A
  • Josh K
  • Julia Di I
  • Karena P
  • Kyra M
  • LJ W
  • Lydia Cl
  • Meg S
  • Michael G
  • Olivia G
  • Rafe R
  • Sadie L
  • Sanaa W
  • Sara B- – – – o
  • Sarah G
  • Sofi F
  • Sully D