Tentative Dates for 2015-2016

Except for the audition workshop, these dates are firm.

August 3: Auditioning workshop afterschool

August 11 & 12: One act auditions (Callbacks on Aug. 13 if needed)

August 17: First rehearsal for one act

October 1 & 3: School one act performance

October 17: Regional one act competition

January 28 & 29: Advanced Drama play

February 18, 19 & 20: Musical

April 14, 15 & 16: Spring play

One Act Possibility

very still & hard to see

It’s a very eerie play about making a deal with a devil and the long term consequences that ensue. I like that it allows for some very striking movement and stage pictures. We could also add on-stage drummers playing Japanese style drums for scene changes and sound effects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBmybt13Jlk

As written, it is for 4 men and 4 women, but that is with double casting. We could have anywhere from 8 to 20 cast members.

Ask me for a script if you would like to read it.

As of now, I think the strongest candidates – and the ones the best fit our talent – are Women of Lockerbie, Too Much Light (30 plays in 60 minutes) and very still. I still have quite a few more plays to read and we will have at least one read through during the summer. If you have any suggestions for the one act, please let me know. I would prefer anything we do to have at least 5 roles for women.

Much Ado About Nothing!

Come join the hottest disco party of the year as McIntosh Theater presents Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Set in Wild Willie’s Disco, the production features 70’s costumes and classic hits from the disco era.

Performances are May 1st at 7:00 pm and May 2nd at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Tickets are $5 for students, $8 for adults. Tickets can be purchased at the door or reserved by emailing info@mcintoshtheater.org.


Much Ado Cast

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. There was a lot of talent and unfortunately a limited number of roles available.  We’ll have a read-through on Monday from 4-6. I’m very excited to get started – we have one heck of a cast!


Don Pedro: Gregor

Benedick: Jordan

Claudio: Alex

Don John: Kaylee

Borachio: Neill

Conrade: Jessica Rod

Leonato: Mikeila

Antonio: Crispy

Beatrice: Kalynn

Hero: Amelia

Margeret: Cristina

Ursula: Ariana

Friar: Jesse

Dogberry: Em Bunk

Verges: Em Shu

Watch: Christina, Hannah Ro, Mad Herv, Allie Mo, Sophie, Marguerite

Sexton: Josh Susss

Messenger: Richard

Hypewoman (oh, no thou didst not!): Jacqui

DJ: Kou

Much Ado About Nothing

The spring play will be Much Ado About Nothing. Auditions are on March 18, 19 and 20 (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). There is a sign up sheet on the door of the drama room.

See the Much Ado page for information on auditioning, including the scenes and monologues that you may be asked to read.

Thank you!

By all accounts, the Wedding Singer was a huge success! So many people were involved: the cast and crew, the musicians, my tech theater class (which built the sets and did most of the painting), and many parent volunteers who helped with costumes, tickets, concessions, and feeding the cast (and lots of other things that I’m forgetting at the moment). And, of course, Ms. Potter for getting the band to rock and the cast to sound so wonderful, and ms. Clarke for the amazing costumes!

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who donated to Promise Place. Because of your generosity, we raised $2300, bringing our total for the school year to just over $5300. If you were not able to attend or had no extra cash on hand, please consider donating directly to Promise Place, a local organization that works to prevent domestic violence and provide women and families with emergency shelter and legal counselling.

The Wedding Singer!

Relive the 80’s! McIntosh Theater presents the musical The Wedding Winger on February 19th, 20th and 21st, all at 7pm. Tickets are $8 for students and $12 for adults. They can be reserved by emailing info@mcintoshtheater.org, or can be purchased at the door.

Based on the hit Adam Sandler movie, The Wedding Singer takes us back to a time when hair was big, greed was good, collars were up, and a wedding singer might just be the coolest guy in the room. It’s 1985 and rock-star wannabe Robbie Hart is New Jersey’s favorite wedding singer. He’s the life of the party, until his own fiancée leaves him at the altar. Shot through the heart, Robbie makes every wedding as disastrous as his own. Enter Julia, a winsome waitress who wins his affection. As luck would have it, Julia is about to be married to a Wall Street shark, and unless Robbie can pull off the performance of a decade, the girl of his dreams will be gone forever.

Thes Con Meeting

There will be an informational meeting about Thes Con on Wednesday, January 21 at 6:30 pm. Both parents and students are welcome. We will go over the schedule and address any concerns you may have. If you are not able to attend but have questions, please email me.