Auditioning for the One Acts

FIRST: READ THE SCRIPTS! Here is the script for Student Body (you need to access it from your school account): Edited script     Here is the script for Grimm Brothers: grimm

Auditions are August 14 & 15, from 4-6pm. Callbacks -if necessary – will be August 16 & 17.

Auditioning: you will sign up for an hour long slot along with 10-12 other students.  The slots are 4-5pm and 5-6pm. Please see me in person or email me to let me know which day and time you would like to audition.

Please print and fill out this sheet and bring to the audition. I also have copies of the sheet in the drama room. One Act audition sheet

The first 10 minutes of the audition will involve a few group improv exercises. I will be looking for your commitment to a character and how you interact with the other students. The rest of the audition will involve reading scenes from the two plays. You will be put in  small group and given a short section of one of the plays. You will have about 5 minutes to rehearse the scene, then you will perform it. You may be asked to read multiple scenes.


Reading scenes
When you are reading a scene with a partner, I am looking for two things:

  • Your ability to understand what the scene is about. You should think about what each character is trying to do and trying to say.
  • Your ability to react to your partner. I want to see that you are listening to what your partner is saying and doing.

Take direction!
I may ask you to try performing your scene it in a different way. For instance, “Try the scene as if you were in pain” Or, “try that scene as if you were in love with your partner.” If you need to, take a moment and think about what I’ve asked you to do. I need to know
that you are willing to listen and try things in different ways.

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