The one act play will be Five Kinds of Silence

Why Five Kinds of Silence?

For me, it comes down to the play being about more than just theater. It allows us to address a social problem that isn’t talked about much – certainly at the high school level, but one that we know some students and parents are dealing with. Five Kinds of Silence is a play that can change lives – if nothing else, by some audience members realizing that they are not the only person to deal with the problem.

We will work on making our performances at McIntosh more of an event, with guests speakers and discussions after each show. I hope we can address such topics as how to get out of a bad situation and how people can help those who deal with domestic violence.

After the reading yesterday, I liked Women of Lockerbie more than I ever had before and I know we could do a great job with it. My emotional side wants to go with Lockerbie, but Five Kinds of Silence appeals to the educator in me – it’s too great of a learning opportunity to turn down. 

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