The Fun Act

So you want to direct the fun act!

We have some choices. If we do only one play, the length can be 45-60 minutes. If we have more than one person/pair who want to direct, we could do two or more one acts that are shorter in length.

If you are part of the competition one act, you will not be able to be part on the fun act -rehearsals for both shows will usually be at the same time.

General guidelines for choosing a play:

  • Look for a one act play. It should be 60 minutes or shorter.
  • The larger the cast the better. If we do one play, the cast should be larger than 10 people. If we do more than one play, each should have a cast of more than 6.
  • The play should not deal with a heavy subject. Look for comedies, dramatic comedies, shows for a young audience, and mysteries.
  • Subject matter should be acceptable for a general audience: no swear words, violence or racy material.

Some places to look for plays: Start with Playscripts – they have tons of plays specifically for high schools and they have a good search feature.

Other publishers to check out (in decreasing likelihood of finding something appropriate):\

I also have quite a few scripts in my office that would work.

If you are interested in directing, please let me know. I have already heard from one pair of students.

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