ThesCon for parents

Students should arrive in the drama room at 8am on Thursday. We plan on leaving by 9am. We will stop for lunch at Golden Corral in Columbus (this is included in the $250 you have paid).  We are staying at the Courtyard Marriott, at 3501 Courtyard Way, (706) 323-2323. We stayed at the same hotel last year, and all of the rooms open into an indoor hallway.

The activities start at 9:30 each morning and will go until 10:45pm. We will have a bus driver with us, and we will all go together to the convention center. No student will be allowed to stay at the hotel during the day. While at the conference, students will check in with me during lunch and dinner. They will be allowed to go by themselves to the shows and workshops, which are all within three blocks. There are over 5000 students and adults at the conference and there has always been a prominent police presence, so there should not be a single moment when students are alone.  When we get back to the hotel at night, I may allow 15 minutes of socializing time, but then students will be expected to go to their rooms and stay there for the rest of the night and not come out until me or a chaperone comes around in the morning. And yes, after bedtime, I will be walking around making sure everybody is in their rooms.

Students will have my cell number, and I will have theirs. We have five parents going as chaperones and students will also have their numbers. A few parents are driving their own cars, in case a student is not feeling well and needs to go back to the hotel (and a parent will stay with them if that is the case). If you would like my cell number, please email me or ask your child to share it with you.

I have made it very clear to the students that this is a school activity and school rules apply the entire time. If there is a problem with behavior, I will call Principal Fine first, then the parents.

As for money, students don’t necessarily need to bring any. All meals are covered. There will be stands selling buttons, shirts and scripts, and usually on Saturday for lunch I allow students to walk a few blocks to where there is a row of restaurants, but this is optional.

We should be back by 5pm on Saturday.

For more information on the conference, please visit the conference website.

If you have any concerns, please email me.

Our Town

The spring play will be Our Town, directed by Sydney B. Here is a link to the script. Make certain you read the play before auditioning. Auditions will be Feb 13 and 14. You do not need to memorize anything – you will read scenes with a partner.

Directing the spring play

After reading the following guidelines, please email me if you are still interested. You must be a junior or senior to apply and I will give preference to seniors. Two students may apply to co-direct, but I will not consider more than two co-directors for a play. Also, I am willing to consider two one acts directed by different students (each one act could be directed by two students). You should reply by January 10 if you (and a co-director) are interested, but you do not need to tell me what play you want to direct or if it is a full-length play or a one-act). The formal application will be posted after January 10 and will be due February 7.

Cast size: The absolute minimum is 15 speaking roles – and this does not include any extras you may put in. If the listed cast size is less than 15 (without doubling) do not even consider it. I will give preference to larger cast sizes.

Appropriateness: The play must be appropriate for a general audience. It does not have to be a children’s show – it can deal with important issues and themes like Second Samuel and Radium Girls – but it should not be a play that pushes the boundaries on an issue. Please see me if you have concerns or questions about this.

Feasibility: You will have 6 weeks to put this play together. This has numerous ramifications.

  • The actors will have only four weeks to memorize their lines. You should look for an ensemble play with many balanced roles and not a play that focuses on just one or two characters.
  • The play should not be too long. It should be two acts at the most, and 90 minutes or less. You will not have time to put together a sweeping epic.
  • You should look for a play that has scenes that do not involve the entire cast. Blocking a scene that has the entire cast in it can be tricky and time-consuming, and you just don’t have time to spare.
  • You should look for a script that is fairly easy to understand. You do not have the luxury of spending a week diving into the language and meaning of the script. So, no Shakespeare. You should look for something relatively modern.

Tech requirements: There should not be extensive set/tech/costume requirements. I can have my tech theater class build sets, but they will not have the time to build a two story house on a rotating platform. The less set and costume requirements, the better.

Budget: You will have a very limited budget. Your first question should be, “Can we do this play with the costumes, sets and props we currently have or can make without buying anything new?” If the answer is no, then you should probably look for a different play.

Audience: You, your actors and your crew deserve a large audience, so don’t choose something too obscure. This is not your chance to bring about a greater appreciation of the works of Christopher Marlowe or expose the audience to the traditional art form of Kabuki theater.

Impact on Society: Stop. Just stop. I don’t want to hear about how your play will change the world. And I say that having directed plays that dealt with: alcoholism; mortality and death; sexual abuse; and grief and revenge. I chose those plays because they were engaging stories that would move people, and maybe – just maybe – change a few people. Your job as a director is to choose a story that is engaging to the actors and to the audience. And I believe that making people laugh is as important as making them think. One of the best and most intelligent actors I have ever worked with told me that her favorite experience was not the deep and disturbing play in which she was named Best Actress at the one act competition, but Meat Gone Bad, a very silly play set in a grocery store where the meat section tries to take over the produce section. Don’t over-think your choice. Find something that is fun and engaging.


Here is the complete list of attendees:




















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The Georgia Thespian Convention will be February 8, 9 and 10 in Columbus. For those of you new to Thescon, it is a conference attended by over 4000 high school students from all over Georgia that features over 100 different workshops and performances. Many students say that Thescon is the highlight of their year. Students will miss all of school on Thursday and Friday, and will return Saturday night.

The first payment for ThesCon is $125 and will be due by October 16. The $125 covers only the cost of registration and is non-refundable. The remaining payment will be due in January, and will be $100 – $150, depending on the cost of the hotel and bus. All meals will be included.

Along with registration fee, you must turn in the Agreement Form. The form should be fully filled out. Everyone (including chaperons) must have two emergency contacts. If a physician is listed, you must also list the phone number. It is acceptable to write NONE for the physician and phone number. Make certain both you and your child sign the form. This form is also due on November 1.

We currently have a few chaperones lined up, but we could always use more. If chaperones want to attend the workshops and performances, they will need to pay the $125 registration fee.

If you would like more information please visit or send me an email at

The Cast of Urinetown is…

The Poor

Bobby             Iain

Penny              Emma

Little Sally      Morgan

Hot- Blades Harry      Clay

Little Becky Two-Shoes         Lydia

Josephine         Anna

Old Man Strong          Josh

Tiny Tom         Wylie

Soupy Sue       Jawahir

Bobby the Stockfish   Jack

Ensemble: Braylinn, Katherine, Lauren, Leonora, Zakai, Sully, Natalie, Courtney, Tynan, Jayna



Lockstock       Perry

Barrel              Sydney

Ensemble: Eddie, Jaelyn, Erin, Kalani, Kaitlyn


The Rich

Cladwell          Ryan

Hope               Diana

McQueen        Ava

Senator Fipp    Colton

Mrs. Millenium            Lee

Dr. Billeaux     Will

Ensemble: Ann-Charlotte, LJ