Lockerbie Advances to State!

For the third time in four years, our one act play has advanced to the state competition. Women of Lockerbie won the regional competition and will next perform at the state competition on November 12. Kenzie was named Best Actress, and Joshua was named Best Actor (matching our sweep in 2014 for Five Kinds of Silence). The cast was also named Best Ensemble, making a sweep of all of the acting awards.


Students of the Week!

tynanOnce again, we have two students of the week. The first is Tynan F. From her nominating slip:

She is always so nice and kind to everyone! She never “does nothing;” she’s always on task and helping out every way possible! I love having her in class!

Tynan is also our publicist and designer, and has designed the posters, programs and t-shirts for our last four productions.




claireThe second student of the week is Claire H. From her slip:

She is a princess! I’m so happy for her getting the role of Cinderella because she works so hard for both drama and chorus and I’m so happy she’s my friend ♥ . No one is more deserving of that role.

Claire is also the Thespian Society president this year and has already given so much to the program.

Honorable mentions go to:

Morgan W: I’m so amazed by her talent. She helped me with my confidence and nerves and she’s an amazing person for moral support.

Jaclyn B: She is uber nice and is helpful to everyone.

Clay: he’s nice and encouraging and is happy to help anyone with whatever they need.

Olivia B: She is constantly growing as an actress and continues to stretch further out of her comfort zone.

Aaron B: For his incredible marksmanship.

Students of the Week!

We have two Students of the Week this week. The first is Margo H.

From her nominating slip: margo I want to nominate Margo Heath for the Drama Student of the Week for her outstanding audition for Cinderella. Her monologue and song were over the top and left a lasting impression on me. Along with being an amazing and helpful crew member, Margo also keeps everyone smiling and laughing! She is inspirational and uplifting to everyone she comes in contact with. Thanks Margo!



The second is Audrey L (aka Tech Goddess). audrey

From her slip:

She pushes herself to improve and audition despite her stage fright. She doesn’t accept that doing 10,000 things for the theatre is enough and always looks for the 10,001st thing to add. She’s all around so crazy talented and crucial to the success of our shows. Plus, she’s an amazing person.



There are three honorable mentions:

Josh S, for always giving honest feedback and being an amazing actor.

Collin T for “encouraging me to try my best. He encouraged me to try out for my first play…ever!”

Kenidee S for being an excellent person and a great actor, and a funny friend to be around.

Cinderella Cast

All cast members must attend a meeting on either Tuesday September 20 or Friday, September 23. The meeting will be after school and should last 15 minutes. There is some information and sheets that you will need to get to your parents, and a few other things Ms. Potter and I want to go over.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. This was easily the largest group we’ve ever had audition for a show. If you would like feedback on your audition, please feel free to talk to Ms. Potter or me. Many of the ensemble members will end up with a few solo lines.


Cinderella: Claire H

Fairy Godmother: Kenzie

Stepmother: Claire A

Grace: Zoe

Joy: Morgan W

Queen: Lee

Christopher: Perry

King: Josh

Lionel: Iain



Anna S









♥Kaitlyn Rod♥




Morgan S

















Student of the Week!

Sorry, I’m a little behind on this. Last week’s winner was Hannah E. I forgot to write down her nominating slip, but I know it said that even though the nominator had only worked with her a few times, she is always friendly and helpful and is a great actress.

Honorable mentions go to Nesha for growing as an actor so much over the past year, Trey for being a great actor and for making drama class a lot of fun, and Slushie for being wonderful.

This week’s winner is Kat E. From her nominating slip:

Kat is always giving honest feedback. You can always trust her to help you. She is an amazing actress and a heck of a director.

Honorable mentions go to Kaitlyn R for being talented and so active in the drama program, Julian S for always giving great feedback, and Olivia B for a great performance, and me, for

A performance of Mrs. Drudge that is in the summit of the range of contemporary theatre.

Aw shucks, I’m blushing!


We would like to see the following students in Thursday from 4-7 pm for callbacks. Please see Ms. Potter on Wednesday to get sheet music for the song/s we would like to hear you sing.










Emma S






Morgan W


Drama Student of the Week!

This week’s winner is Mykala J! From her nomination slip:IMG_0607

She pushed me to do well and is the reason for my success – she encouraged me to audition for Check Please, listened to me nervously ramble in every class before the afternoon of my audition, held onto my bag strap when I tried to ditch and run away (oh the shame!) offered words of encouragement when I got so nervous I blanked before the audition, held my hand while I cried five minutes before my actual audition, and told me no matter the results, I was till a skilled actor and a wonderful [person. She pushed me to do something I was terrified of doing but have wanted to do for four years now – a nearly impossible feat. Mykala: thank you – you are the reason for my success and I find you to be a wonderful person.

Honorable mentions to Cymmone Y  for “being a hard worker who always has a funny spirit,” Grace K for having “a bubbly personality and a spirit that makes the people around her happy,” and Emma S for “being amazing at acting!”

Cinderella Auditions

Auditions are September 12 and 13, from 4-9 pm. There will be a sign-up sheet on the drama room door on Tuesday. You will be signing up for a one hour time period in which you will present a monologue and a song, and you will be asked to read through a scene from the show.

You should prepare a 1 minute monologue (do not go over!) and up to 1 minute of a song. The monologue should be on the lighter side – nothing too dramatic. The song must have a backing track (search youtube for a karaoke track). The backing track is so we can tell that you can stay in tune with the band.

For your song, Rodgers and Hammerstein songs may be your best bet. Along with Cinderella, they also wrote Oklahoma, Carousel, South Pacific, The King and I and The Sound of Music. Feel free to ask me about your monologue or Ms. Potter about your song.

Drama Student of the Week

We have two students to start off the Drama Student of the Week. Both of them received multiple nominations. Congratulations to both Hannah and Shelby for their wonderful work!


First is Hannah who was nominated for doing a great job keeping her poise while auditioning for the one act plays. She had a slight slip up, but stayed in character and many of the people watching the audition didn’t realize that a mistake had been made. It was truly a professional job!




Second is Shelby who, along with just being a wonderful and kind person, did an incredible job in class performing adjectives from her monologue. We were all impressed by how she was able to vividly convey her adjectives not just with her voice but also with her movement and poses.