The Georgia Thespian Convention will be February 7, 8 and 9 in Columbus. For those of you new to Thescon, it is a conference attended by over 5000 high school students from all over Georgia that features over 100 different workshops and performances. Many students say that Thescon is the highlight of their year. Students will miss all of school on Thursday and Friday, and will return Saturday night. For more information on the conference, please go to their website:

The first payment for ThesCon is $125 and will be due by October 5. The $125 covers only the cost of registration and is non-refundable. The remaining payment will be due in January, and will be $125 – $150, depending on the cost of the hotel and bus. All meals will be included.

I realize this does not give you much advance notice, but we need to register as soon as possible. In the past two year, the conference has had to turn away schools due to running out of space, and we have also not been able to attend the opening and closing numbers due to registering late.

Along with registration fee, you must turn in the Agreement Form by October 5th. After filling out the form online, you will receive an email with a pdf that you will need to print out and sign.  

We currently have a few chaperones lined up, but we could always use more. If chaperones want to attend the workshops and performances, they will need to pay the $125 registration fee. If you want to chaperone but are not interested in attending the workshops and performances, you would only need to pay the $125-$150 to cover the hotel room and bus.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Little Women Cast!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Ms. Potter and I saw what we needed to see and there will not be callbacks. If you would like feedback on your audition, please see each of us.

Jo: Emma S / Understudy: Lydia

Marmee: Lydia / Understudy: Diana

Beth: Emily Grace / Understudy: Natalie

Amy: Anna S / Understudy: Allie

Meg: Lauren S / Understudy: Tiffany

Aunt March: Diana / Understudy: Ava

Mrs Kirk: Ava

Female ensemble: Tiffany, Natalie, Allie

Professor Bhaer: Iain / Understudy: Ryan

Laurie: Clay / Understudy: Jack H

Mr. Laurence: Ryan / Understudy: Jack C

John Brooke: Colton / Understudy: Ryan

Male ensemble: Jack C, Jack H



Improv Team

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. A few people have been contacted through school email about callbacks – if your name is not listed below, please check your email. The first rehearsal will be on Tuesday, along with callbacks.

Team members:

Elikai Gella
Sanaa Wright
Riley Campbell
Eddie Griffiths
Luke Wonderly
Meg Sheets
Kylie Dickinson
Jocelyn Shelfo
Clay Lawhead
Jack Choat
Iain Hemmenway
Kalani Gella


One Act Casts

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. If your name is not on either cast list and you would like feedback, please see me. The next auditions will be for Little Women. I will post more information soon.

Student Body – please plan on coming for callbacks tomorrow (Thursday) – I still need to figure out what part everyone will play.




Male understudy: Jack

Female understudy: Hailey

Brothers Grimm Cast – there will be no callbacks, though Josh and Will are still figuring out what parts everyone will play)

Jack H


Rehearsals will start next week – the stage managers will let you know the rehearsal schedule. If you decide you do not or cannot accept a part. please let me know as soon as possible.

Auditioning for the One Acts

FIRST: READ THE SCRIPTS! Here is the script for Student Body (you need to access it from your school account): Edited script     Here is the script for Grimm Brothers: grimm

Auditions are August 14 & 15, from 4-6pm. Callbacks -if necessary – will be August 16 & 17.

Auditioning: you will sign up for an hour long slot along with 10-12 other students.  The slots are 4-5pm and 5-6pm. Please see me in person or email me to let me know which day and time you would like to audition.

Please print and fill out this sheet and bring to the audition. I also have copies of the sheet in the drama room. One Act audition sheet

The first 10 minutes of the audition will involve a few group improv exercises. I will be looking for your commitment to a character and how you interact with the other students. The rest of the audition will involve reading scenes from the two plays. You will be put in  small group and given a short section of one of the plays. You will have about 5 minutes to rehearse the scene, then you will perform it. You may be asked to read multiple scenes.


Reading scenes
When you are reading a scene with a partner, I am looking for two things:

  • Your ability to understand what the scene is about. You should think about what each character is trying to do and trying to say.
  • Your ability to react to your partner. I want to see that you are listening to what your partner is saying and doing.

Take direction!
I may ask you to try performing your scene it in a different way. For instance, “Try the scene as if you were in pain” Or, “try that scene as if you were in love with your partner.” If you need to, take a moment and think about what I’ve asked you to do. I need to know
that you are willing to listen and try things in different ways.

The Fun Act

So you want to direct the fun act!

We have some choices. If we do only one play, the length can be 45-60 minutes. If we have more than one person/pair who want to direct, we could do two or more one acts that are shorter in length.

If you are part of the competition one act, you will not be able to be part on the fun act -rehearsals for both shows will usually be at the same time.

General guidelines for choosing a play:

  • Look for a one act play. It should be 60 minutes or shorter.
  • The larger the cast the better. If we do one play, the cast should be larger than 10 people. If we do more than one play, each should have a cast of more than 6.
  • The play should not deal with a heavy subject. Look for comedies, dramatic comedies, shows for a young audience, and mysteries.
  • Subject matter should be acceptable for a general audience: no swear words, violence or racy material.

Some places to look for plays: Start with Playscripts – they have tons of plays specifically for high schools and they have a good search feature.

Other publishers to check out (in decreasing likelihood of finding something appropriate):\

I also have quite a few scripts in my office that would work.

If you are interested in directing, please let me know. I have already heard from one pair of students.

Dates for 2018-2019

The Fine Arts teachers met with Principal Lane today and came up with the schedule for the year. Here are the drama dates:

One Act Auditions: August 15 & 16, callbacks August 17 (more info coming soon)

Little Women Auditions: September 10 & 11, scenes and callbacks, Sept. 13 & 14 (more info coming soon)

Competition One Act: October 18 & 20 (This should be Student Body, but I need to run the cuts by the playwright before making it official)

Fun Act: October 23 & 25 (if you are interested in directing, please let me know)

One Act Competition: October 27 at Whitewater

Advanced Drama Play: December 4

Little Women: February 1 & 2 (on the 2nd, there will be a matinee and an evening performance)

Advanced Drama Performance: February 28

Drama Showcase (For Drama I classes): April 18

Advanced Drama Performance: May 2

Shuler Nominations!

Congratulations to senior Wylie Watlington for her Shuler nomination for Best Choreography and to the entire cast for being nominated for Best Ensemble! Also, Ms. Potter and the band received an Honorable Mention for Best Orchestra, and senior Cullen Finnerty received an Honorable Mention for Lighting Design.

Both Ms. Potter and I are so proud of what this cast and crew accomplished!

Our Town Cast

Cast members should drop by the chorus room during lunch to pick up your script. Sydney will be there during all lunches.
Stage Manager: Sam Ellis
Dr. Gibbs: Ryan Robertson
Joe Crowell: Clay Lawhead
Howie “Hallie” Newsome: Kaitlyn Rodriguez
Mrs. Gibbs: Jawahir Ahmed
Mrs. Webb: Ava Whiteley
George Gibbs: Jack Choat
Rebecca Gibbs: Katherine Hoyos
Wally Webb: Hayden Tatum
Emily Webb: Lydia Campbell
Professor Willard: Kalani Gella
Mr. Webb: Josh Keaton
Simon Stimson: Clay Lawhead
Mrs. Soames: Samantha Hutchinson
Constable Warren: Gavin Bryant
Si Crowell: Will Fincher
Sam Craig: Will Fincher
Joe Stoddard: Kalani Gella
Owen Henahan
Josh Stallins
Devon Stock
Anna Seville
Courtney Taliercio
 Luke Wonderley