McImprov Cast

If you were not able to make it to auditions today, you should plan on coming to the first practice next Wednesday after school to audition.


Cast List!

Doublewide, Texas

Morgan W: Joveeta

Sydney B: Big Ethel

Wylie: Georgia Dean

Emma: Caprice

Lydia: Lark

Ava: Starla

Clay: Sloggett

Iain: Baby

Perry: Lomax

Katherine: Understudy

Failure: A Love Story

Jack C: Mortimer

Ava: Gerty

Maddie E: Jenny June

Diana: Nelly

Josh K: John N


Natalie C

Will F




Collin T



Cristina and I would like to see the following people on Friday after school:

Boys: Ryan, Josh, Jack, Clay, Iain, Miguel, Sam E, Sully

Girls: Diana, Tynan, Emma, Morgan, Maddie E, Katherine M, Natalie C, Jaelyn, Sydney, Wylie, Lydia, Ava

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! If you would like feedback, please see me sometime next week.

Auditions for Urinetown will be September 9. I’ll post more information soon.

Doublewide, Texas

The competition one act will be Doublewide Texas. The second one act is Failure A Love Story but we’ll be using a one act version of the play.

Auditions are August 16 and 17. Auditions will consist of scenes from the plays. You should read both and pay close attention to the characters. You do not need to prepare a monologue.

There will be a sign up sheet on the drama room door.

Performance dates at October 19, 20 and 21, and the competition date for Doublewide is October 28. If we are lucky enough to advance to the state competition, it will be November 4.

Upcoming One Act Dates

Auditions for the one act plays will be August 16 and 17, with callbacks on the 18. Performances will be October 19, 20 and 21, all at 7pm. The one act regional competition will be October 28 at Whitewater.

For the audition, you should read each one act (I will have them posted by August 7) and be prepared to perform scenes from them. You will not need to prepare a monologue. I will post more information as we get closer to the auditions.


Thursday read through

Here’s the cutting for Miracle Worker: img005 (All put other readers up as I hear back from people)

Jack: Doctor

Lydia : Kate

Iain: Keller

Ava: Helen (Sorry – I had to!)

Jack: Percy

Leonora: Aunt EV

Clay: James

Sydney: Annie Sullivan

Courtney: Viney


For the Last Nickel, I’d like the following people:

Morgan: Jamie

Wylie: Jo

Ava: Moose

Emma: Tim/Dave

Lydia: Nurse 1

Leonora: Nurse 2

Read through for July 20

Let’s meet at Starbucks again at 2pm. We will definitely read the Last Nickel. I love the play, and I think it will have a tremendous impact on the audience. The only problem is that the cast is only four people – two women and two puppets (who could be played by any gender).

If I can cut it down, we’ll also read Miracle Worker. Below is the full length version if you’d like to read it.

Finally, there’s Another Happy Ending. I wrote this while I was teaching middle school, but I think it translates very well to high school. While I’d love to do it, I don’t think I could cut it down to 55 minutes.

The Last Nickel

the_miracle_worker pdf 

Another Happy Ending – high

Read Through!

We’ll have a read through on Thursday, July 13 at 2pm in the drama room. If we have enough people, we’ll read Good Kids. If not, we’ll do Dark Road or another play I have in mind. Please email if you plan on coming. I’ll post by Tuesday what play we’ll read so you can get a head start on it (I’ll also post the script).

I hope everyone is having a great summer!