Our Town Cast

Cast members should drop by the chorus room during lunch to pick up your script. Sydney will be there during all lunches.
Stage Manager: Sam Ellis
Dr. Gibbs: Ryan Robertson
Joe Crowell: Clay Lawhead
Howie “Hallie” Newsome: Kaitlyn Rodriguez
Mrs. Gibbs: Jawahir Ahmed
Mrs. Webb: Ava Whiteley
George Gibbs: Jack Choat
Rebecca Gibbs: Katherine Hoyos
Wally Webb: Hayden Tatum
Emily Webb: Lydia Campbell
Professor Willard: Kalani Gella
Mr. Webb: Josh Keaton
Simon Stimson: Clay Lawhead
Mrs. Soames: Samantha Hutchinson
Constable Warren: Gavin Bryant
Si Crowell: Will Fincher
Sam Craig: Will Fincher
Joe Stoddard: Kalani Gella
Owen Henahan
Josh Stallins
Devon Stock
Anna Seville
Courtney Taliercio
 Luke Wonderley

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