Much Ado Cast

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. There was a lot of talent and unfortunately a limited number of roles available. ¬†We’ll have a read-through on Monday from 4-6. I’m very excited to get started – we have one heck of a cast!


Don Pedro: Gregor

Benedick: Jordan

Claudio: Alex

Don John: Kaylee

Borachio: Neill

Conrade: Jessica Rod

Leonato: Mikeila

Antonio: Crispy

Beatrice: Kalynn

Hero: Amelia

Margeret: Cristina

Ursula: Ariana

Friar: Jesse

Dogberry: Em Bunk

Verges: Em Shu

Watch: Christina, Hannah Ro, Mad Herv, Allie Mo, Sophie, Marguerite

Sexton: Josh Susss

Messenger: Richard

Hypewoman (oh, no thou didst not!): Jacqui

DJ: Kou

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