Little Women Cast!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Ms. Potter and I saw what we needed to see and there will not be callbacks. If you would like feedback on your audition, please see each of us.

Jo: Emma S / Understudy: Lydia

Marmee: Lydia / Understudy: Diana

Beth: Emily Grace / Understudy: Natalie

Amy: Anna S / Understudy: Allie

Meg: Lauren S / Understudy: Tiffany

Aunt March: Diana / Understudy: Ava

Mrs Kirk: Ava

Female ensemble: Tiffany, Natalie, Allie

Professor Bhaer: Iain / Understudy: Ryan

Laurie: Clay / Understudy: Jack H

Mr. Laurence: Ryan / Understudy: Jack C

John Brooke: Colton / Understudy: Ryan

Male ensemble: Jack C, Jack H



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