Auditions for Everyone Gets Eaten By Sharks!

Auditions for the fun act play, Everyone Gets Eaten By Sharks will be Thursday and Friday, August 29 & 30 after school. There is a sign up sheet on the door to the drama room. You will choose a one hour slot on one of the days to audition. You should prepare and memorize a 30 second to one minute comedic monologue. You will also read sides (short sections) from the play. Please check the page about monologues not to use for auditions (look at the menu above).

The fun act will be on November 15 &16. Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, though you might not need to be at every rehearsal. You will need to be available every day the week of November 11 for tech week.

Here is a link to the play (you must be signed in to your fcboe account to access it: script

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